This IS why we get a bad rap.

Guys, seriously. Trust me, all the cool vegans I know hate this shit too. (Although this is a hilarious example of it.) It really doesn’t have anything to do with veganism at its core – crap like this is always from “new” vegans that are were self-righteous jerks to begin with. Omnivores just don’t feel the same way you do, or maybe don’t know some of the things you know that made you make the switch.The way to convert people over to veganism isn’t through attacking them and alienating them as if you’re suddenly better than them, nor to constantly over-educate them with “the message” – it’s to be positive and inviting and make people delicious food that makes them say, “Whoa, wait, that was VEGAN?!” I HAD NO IDEA VEGAN FOOD COULD BE SO DELICIOUS!”

Last night, Sugar and I gave out over a hundred free cupcakes to the crowd at Holy Fuck in downtown Los Angeles. I thought we’d have plenty of leftovers, but the house was packed for the inaugural run of the now-weekly show in its current incarnation, and we were swarmed – our babies were gone within about five minutes.


Feeding the masses at Holy Fuck at the Downtown Independent Theater!

We had a blast! Who doesn’t love free cupcakes? The crowd really enjoyed it. We got some great feedback on the flavors and fillings, and in my heart of hearts I hope it inspired a few people to eat a little more ethically. At least it’s replacing some nonvegan calories, no? It’s a step in the right direction. Cupcakes bring joy to the masses.