Product Review: Delicious Delights by The Marvelous Food Company

If you must avoid gluten because you have a genuine sensitivity to it or celiac disease, my heart goes out to you. If you’re one of the many people avoiding it because it’s trendy, you’re ridiculous and easily influenced because bread rules. It is because bread rules so hard that my heart goes out to those that must do without the wondrous protein composite that is gluten. I know I love me some seitan and other gluten-y veggie meat products, and my baking forays into the gluten-free world have been less than successful – though many such as The Sensitive Baker do it like it ain’t no thang. And not using eggs to do so is tough!

Enter The Marvelous Food Company. They’re a small mom-and-pop owned bakery that has a really heartwarming startup story. Their products contain a ton of fruit and veggies in prepackaged single serving portions, so I didn’t feel too guilty scarfing them down after a workout-induced hypoglycemic event. The first thing I noticed, though, when reading the ingredients was a pretty huge, glaring error. The products are touted as all vegan on their site. The first ingredient in the chocolate mini-muffins, and the second in the chewy ginger cookies, is honey. I personally eat honey if it’s in small amounts of products I like, but by the strictest definition of the word, honey is not vegan, so they’d better change that right away…or switch to something like agave or Just Like Honey. My advice? Just change it to say allergen-free. Vegan is a whole other thing to be guaranteeing people, and honey is definitely not vegan. Claiming something’s vegan when it is NOT is a way to get a whole bunch of people really mad at you (see: Vegan Supreme Marshmallows, and a million other things over the years).

On to the products themselves. They currently come packaged in these little golden tetrahedral pouches, and are recommended served chilled.

delightful indeed.


Unconventional and maybe a little wonky, but for a startup it’s more than understandable. (It is BEYOND DIFFICULT to get a company going these days, let alone one that makes food, so I hand it to them for even figuring out how to package their product in general.)

I was a little leery of the ingredients listing so many fruits and veggies and claiming to be so nutritious…and a little more so when I took the cookies and muffins out of their bags. Not particularly visually stimulating, but hey, that’s the way of the gluten-free for you.

chewy gingerbread cookies doin' the nast


I scarfed down a couple of the cookies, and was impressed. The texture was indeed chewy, and with a really nice spice level and sweet tang. I continued on with the little chocolate mini-muffins (they were stuck together, cowering in fear I bet)…

choco mini-muffin pile


These babies were delicious too. Aptly named, huh? The verdict: if you’re gluten-intolerant and looking for something sweet AND nutrient-dense, get yourself some Delicious Delights from the Marvelous Food Co. I can’t say that I’d seek these out myself, and they aren’t technically vegan if you don’t eat honey. But considering the massive hurdles in making gluten-free baked goods palatable (I mean, have you SEEN what babycakes tries to pass off as donuts? Atrocious!), I applaud what they’ve been able to accomplish, and with such a healthy roster of ingredients. These are great for those mamas and papas of GF families that want appropriate portions of gluten-free foods with an added health benefit.

…I am none of those things, so I probably won’t be getting them again.