Product Review – Yoga Earth goodies

Hey friends! VegSpice here and – What’s that? A POST? That’s right, I’ve been neglecting this blog far too long and am back from the depths of 9-5 working (and now deep in the depths of grad school). Today I’ll take you on a tasty tour reviewing some fancy raw offerings from Yoga Earth. I’ve done yoga a few times and always end up trying too hard to impress everyone else and tearing something. I figure all my Pop Physique classes make me the most flexible badass there, and then for the whole following week I’m cursing every staircase I have to walk up. Anyway, Yoga Earth sells a wide variety of organic, raw, and all-that-good-stuff goodies in eco-friendly packaging. Here you can see my fabulous assistant, Fatty, modeling them:

She’s got style.


I’m actually not usually a super big fan of raw foods or the raw lifestyle in general – I mean, I enjoy some of it, but for an all-day-every-day thing it’s hard to sustain. I love some things at Cafe Gratitude but the dreadlock zombie thing doesn’t really do it for me, you know? But I was excited to try these products, because they were entirely new to me. The first up: Raw Almonds.

ooh baby I like it RAWWWWW


I don’t usually go for raw almonds because they have that bitter cherry-ish benzaldehyde-y flavor. I prefer smoked or tamari flavored almonds, so I was expecting that I would get the same bitter flavor from these guys. I was totally surprised at how creamy and soft they were, like my best buddy cashews! They had only the slightest taste of that bitter flavor at the very end, so I found myself chewing handfuls of these. Fatty was very interested in them too.

but really, what won’t she eat?


Up next: Goldenberries. Wait, WTF are goldenberries? Apparently they’re also called Aztec berries, so I have to be down with that. These guys reminded me of big plump cranberries, very chewy and tart at the end with a very interesting almost tropical sweetness at the front of the taste. The texture was my favorite part. As soon as I tasted them I thought, TRAIL MIX COOKIES so I think that’s what these babies will have to go into. Really cool and full of crazy phytonutrients too!

crunchy munchies

Up last was the Meridan Trail Mix. I love trail mix, for real. It has to have: a) cashews, b) chocolate, and c) some sort of dried berry. This one hit all of those requirements and then some. The raw cashews in this were suuuper creamy and delicious. The cacao is a little dusty, but I’m not the biggest fan of cacao – I do like really dark bitter chocolate, but I wasn’t feelin’ this. Goji berries in a trail mix are always cool and make me feel all exotic and cool like I should have my own personal assistant or something. Go get me that latte and do my homework, ok? The mulberries are the really interesting part here. The first time I saw a bag of them at Cafe Gratitude I thought first, what the hell are those? Then, wait, didn’t those always fall off our tree and clog the pool filter every summer? Then, wait, you can EAT those? Turns out you can! They’re chewy and tart. I don’t know that this trail mix is my thing because I’m all about the trail mixes that are practically dessert, and my husband (oh yeah, I got married) wasn’t that big of a fan either. It felt like very good quality stuff, though. The food scientist in me does want to point out that the cacao is described as “[dipped in] coconut nectar” but coconut isn’t listed anywhere on the ingredients list. Food regulations are fun and they can be your friend too! Just kidding, they’re super boring.

Anyway, even this cranky skeptic was won over by Yoga Earth’s goodies, and if raw food is your thing give these a go! Starting Thursday, they’ll be available on awesome site Vegan Cuts, where they’ll be offering a sweet deal- 10% off  EVERYTHING on the site with the discount code BLOGFRIEND –  and you should totally hop on that, as well of all of the other awesome veg deals they have going on. (Umm, I need that caramel sampler inside of me.)